Spring Budget Homeware


Coral, mint, palm, flowers – these are a few words that come to my mind when thinking of giving my home a touch of springy vibe to it.

I find cushions to be the easiest way to brighten and freshen up a living room; there are so many prints and colours to choose from nowadays. I’m currently into the whole jungle- flower print and that’s pretty much all I’ve been pinning lately! I wrote a post a while back about some of my favourite places to shop for cushions- you can find a link to it here!

Candles are also a great way to freshen up a space. They smell good, they easily brighten a room and add that perfect finishing touch to a home. Oliver Bonas seem to have some amazing candles at the moment; I would highly recommend checking them out.

While browsing through the H&M home I stumbled upon a few great things, this metal plant pot being one of them. It looks quite simple on it’s on but H&M did a great job at styling it. You can take a look at it here.

Here are some of my favourite and affordable pieces to add to a home without breaking the bank.

H&M Metal Plant Pot (£7.99)

Oliver Bonas Green Tea Scented Owl Candle (£14)

Urban Outfitter’s Metal Shelf in Coral (£20)

Oliver Bonas Set of Three Sunset Heart Bowls (£15)

H&M Scented Candle: (£7.99)

Cushion Cover in White (£6.99)

Cushion Cover in Green (£7.99)

Oliver Bonas Neon Bottle (£6)



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